As businesses begin to reopen from the COVID 19 closure, many owners are unsure of how to protect their staff and customers. Wiring Technologies offers multiple solutions to solve this issue. Our solutions are in line with the CDC reopening guidelines.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

These cameras are used to detect elevated body temperature, a primary symptom of COVID 19. Wiring Technologies has thoroughly researched these products and found a few that work in a variety of settings. What we have learned is that the best setups include a black body device in conjunction with the camera. We suggest the following:

InVid – This camera will take the temperature of up to 16 people at a time, and up to 1,000 an hour. The accuracy goes above and beyond the CDC guideline of .5 degree accuracy. Our testing found a .1-.2 degree accuracy rate. Another great feature of this product is that it is a full package with no annual software subscription fee. Just attach it to a monitor and PC and you are set. The Invid product will show the faces and readings of each person passing through, and the information can be stored for later review.

ATHENA – This product is also good for taking the temperature of multiple people at one time. It can be wall mounted, or on a tripod with an added screen. The ATHENA will notify of a high temperature by an alarm, and is meant to be used without an operator monitoring. This package comes with an optional black body (again, this improves accuracy). However, it does require a $1,200 per year subscription for the software.

PTI Zortemp 1000 – If you are looking for a stand alone unit that is ready out of the box, this may be the right solution for you. The Zortemp uses the wrist to measure temperature and announces it vocally, or you can use an alarm for privacy. It is somewhat compact and portable. Plus, it comes with an optional hand sanitizer dispenser attachment, handy if using in an employee entrance. This product is not meant to be a quick temperature check of crowds. So it would not work in a large setting. But it is an affordable, quality piece for the right environment.

Antimicrobial Keyboard and Mouse sets 

It looks like a regular keyboard, but this product can be cleaned with any product and even dunked in water without damage. Plus, the surface is antimicrobial, thus kills the viruses on the surface. Once a popular product only in health care settings, they have found a home in offices with shared keyboards.

Clear Protective Film Screen Protectors

This is a great product for cell phones, tablets, patient monitors or other surfaces. This product allows for the cleaning of surfaces that are frequently touched. Also good to cover monitors or touch screens that could be damaged from the strong cleaning supplies being used to treat the virus. When you want a new cover, simply peel the existing off and replace. This product also comes with a multi-layer option. So that you can peel down to another protector without having to replace.

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