With the arrival of 5G service in cities, including Orlando, businesses are wondering how they can best benefit from this amazing new cellular upgrade. Users are looking to seamlessly utilize the speed and responsiveness that 5G brings.
Why 5G?

Let’s back up and ask the question: “Why did cellular companies spend billions on building the 5G network?” Simple, 4G could no longer keep up. The first cellular network was launched from a maroon Chrysler convertible in the 1980s. You could do one thing… talk. Dropped calls were many and range was limited. Fast forward to 2020 and we rely on our cell phones for just about everything. It may not seem like a lot to the individual user, but all of the calling, texting, social sharing, image saving, and web surfing take a lot of bandwith.

With the increase of bandwidth needed to power Internet of Things, mobile voice, video, collaboration apps and other technologies, a massive bandwidth upgrade needed to occur. After all, this is the technology that will drive autonomous cars, direct robots, check smart thermostats, and to other wireless tasks. The payoff is high as the 5G network offers higher peak data rates, lower latency, increased mobility, connection density, energy and spectrum efficiency, and greatly increased traffic capacity.

What does business need to do to take advantage of 5G?

It all comes down to infrastructure improvements, including installation of small cell access points and a strong fiber network. The 5G network requires adding small cell access points, which serve as “mini cell towers” and offer the point-to-point connection required to make 5G successfully work. These access points are placed strategically inside of the building and around the campus by a professional.

All wireless networks rely on a fiber infrastructure to work. Buildings with copper or older fiber may need to upgrade for maximum efficiency. Finally, IT teams will also need to look for equipment that can be easily upgraded to support 5G.

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