Most of us have worked in an office space with a loud and constant rumble. Where you can hear every word of your cubical neighbor’s phone conversations, whether you want to or not. You may even hear the clicks from their keyboard and shuffling of papers. Statistics have now shown that this noise impacts your employees’ quality of work.

According to an article in Fast Company by Katharine Schwab, open plan offices are currently too loud. “That’s a real problem for workers’ productivity and creativity. A 2018 study by WeTransfer, which asked creatives about their most important requirements to do good work, found that 65% of creative people want silence. It was the most crucial element of their work process, far more than a neat, tidy space, coffee, or sunshine,” she writes.

A Canadian study conducted in 2018 backs up Schwab’s assumptions, finding nearly six in 10 Canadians battling distraction due to noise.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Wiring Technologies can install state-of-art sound masking solutions to ensure a more calming workplace. When properly designed, it dynamically improves comfort in the the work space by gently raising the ambient background sound uniformly with a clean, consistently random, broadband, non-intrusive sound. In other words, white noise. And, as a result, overheard speech and other unwanted noises become less intelligible.

There are other uses for sound masking. It can be installed outside of conference rooms to mask the sound of conversations inside, thus creating a confidential environment.

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