Do you cringe with every lightning strike, concerned that your facility is not properly grounded and bonded? And, if your power does go out, you worry if you have the proper battery backup system to keep your business infrastructure running?

It’s no secret to Floridians that we are neck deep in hurricane season. NOAA is predicting that this will be the most active season in decades. Along with hurricanes come intense lightening storms and power outages. Thus, each stormy day serves as a reminder that we are in the lightening capitol of the country.

Therefore, proper grounding and bonding are of great importance for any structure in Florida. Grounding provides a conductive path between electrical equipment and the earth. Bonding connects two or more conductive materials together to establish a path between them. Both are integral to your electrical and low voltage system health.

These two processes lessen the damage done to the electrical and low voltage infrastructure if a strike occurs. If done improperly or if degradation occurs, extensive damage to your electrical and low voltage systems, as well as the equipment it supports will occur. Worse, it can be a safety hazard, with the potential of fire and human electrocution. The expense of a bad grounding situation can be budget breaking.

How can you save yourself from this headache? Have a Wiring Technologies professional check your grounding and bonding to ensure that both are in proper working order. Signs of trouble include electrical shock, dimming lights, and higher electrical bills. You may hear a mysterious buzz or have rogue electrical issues. A grounding and bonding audit should be completed annually. Wiring Technologies will do this for you at no charge.

Are You Ready for Power Outages?

The other concern about living in lightening country is power outages. This is a concern for facilities without sufficient power backup. A Gartner study determined that the average cost of network downtime equates to $5,600/minute based on industry surveys. Therefore, facilities and IT professionals must do all possible to ensure that the business can continue to operate in the event of a blackout, long or short.

Head Off Trouble with Our Free Audit

Staying on top of grounding, bonding and power backup health can save money, frustration, and lives.
Wiring Technologies can assist with all of these issues. Contact us today for a FREE power and grounding audit. We will work with your IT and facilities staff to determine known issues, inspect grounding and bonding, and make recommendations for the right power backup units for your specific needs. If we find signs of trouble, we will provide a repair estimate.

Contact us today at [email protected] or (407) 862-6290 ext. 114 for your FREE grounding, bonding and power audit.

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